(Conservation, Efficiency, Renewable Energy)

These are the Home Power magazine articles that were published about our electricity generation and our solar heating.  Some of the systems have been upgraded or revised since publication of these articles.

Ruralite published an article about us in 2005.  This is the review copy.

I have prepared several articles that have either been published in Ruralite or distributed to others through our coop (VEA).  Topics include:

  1. An planning overview of conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy methods.

  2. Suggestions for how to reduce phantom loads.

  3. Activities we have done to improve our conservation of energy.

  4. A comparison of initial and operating costs for various forms of lighting.

  5. A review of what, how, and why to do solar DHW (especially in the high desert.

  6. A list of some of the caveats associated with residential renewable energy production.

  7. A correlation of predicted vs. actual for our wind generator output.

  8. A general financial overview of the economics of a PV installation.

  9. An example of solar water heating components for a basic system.

  10. Energy generated and used: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.


The renewable energy industry needs standards, so I have made some proposals.

In order to properly operate and maintain energy efficiency and renewable energy equipment, one needs to have operating procedures and schematics.  These links are to some that I have generated for our equipment.

Some of my papers are also available at "docstoc".