Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Equipment are self-operating, in that one does not need to be physically present to operate the equipment.  However, trouble-shooting is required for corrective maintenance and some items do require preventive maintenance.

The following are procedures that I have generated for our equipment;

A general guide to trouble-shooting, derived from practices I learned in the Navy as an Electronics Technician.

In order to perform preventive maintenance on-time, one must have a schedule.  We have schedules for the overall home requirements and specifically for the RO (reverse osmosis) and wind generator systems.

We have frequent grid events that disrupt our renewable energy components.  In order to reset or re-program, the applicable procedures are printed and stored next to the equipment.  Critical items are setting up and trouble-shooting problems with the inverters or charge controllers (this link is to the instructions for the Trace power panel with Trace C-40 PWM charge controllers). We have recently upgraded to Outback FlexMax80 MPPT charge controllers, so have updated the Power Panel Instructions. I am retaining both instructions for anyone who needs additional help for using the C-40.