The following topics contains links to papers or summaries of some of our activities. These are mostly my interests and hobbies, including those we no longer do, but still daydream about. I now need help with almost everything, but still can do some things, e.g., on the computer.

  • Travel - Donna & I have very much enjoyed our travels.  The following are links to the summaries of our around-the-world trip in 2001 and various motorhome trips.
  • CERE (Conservation, Efficiency, Renewable Energy) - These are  papers I have written or articles that have been published about our renewable energy systems or conservation and efficiency practices. I did specify the components, especially for 2 retired person solar hot water heating for our co-op that had one of the largest programs in the nation.
  • Like slide rules?  Join the Oughtred Society. I have Calculating (e.g., slide rules, mechanical calculators, electronic calculators) and Measuring instruments and tools (e.g., for machinery, navigation, surveying).  Links are to the inventory lists of items we have.  I still have a lot of work to do to inventory more drafting and measuring equipment. I used to edit (now some proofreading) the Oughtred Society Journal, and have published a few articles about slide rules and charts. If you are at all interested in the history or collection of calculating instruments, you should join the society.
  • Märklin Model Trains.  I have had HO scale since receiving my first set at Christmas in 1953 (when we lived in Austria).  Donna has had Z scale since the mid 80's.  We both have train tables (about the same size to scale) in the train room of the train house, but there is still lots of work to do to inventory the collection, not to mention getting the trains operational.
  • Motorcycling; although I can no longer ride, most of my working years I commuted on a motorcycle.  In addition, Donna & I took many vacations on a motorcycle, e.g., 4000 miles in 3 weeks.  The annual PJ-1000 was often the highlight of many years.
  • Genealogy; I have been able to trace a number of my ancestors going back several hundred years in some cases.
  • Books: I have not made an inventory yet of the 30,000 or so books we have. The major categories are Science Fiction, History, Military History, Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Classic Fiction (e.g., collections of Mark Twain, Bret Hart, Alexander Dumas, Walter Scott, Booth Tarkington), Western History/Folklore, Fairy Tales. This is a list of books or authors that people should read. This article shows how Science Fiction and History can mix. Since most people know I have opinions about most things, including solutions to most of the world's problems, this book is a rough draft of some of these ideas. Comments are very welcome.


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