Over the years, I had a number of motorcycles.  In the later years, I had one for commuting and one for weekends/vacations.

The motorcycles, all were Hondas, and years of possession were:

CB-350 1972-75; CB-750 1975-78; GL-1000 1978-86; CX-500 1980-82; VF-1100 1982-94; GL-1200 1986-94; ST-1100 1994-2001

Unfortunately, we had many flat tires or blowouts on the motorcycles, some resulting in injury (lost skin, Donna broke her arm).  Not every time we had a flat or blowout, did we actually go over, but we did too many times.  Locations of flats or accidents included Mexico (yes the country of Mexico up in the mountains), Lake Elsinore CA, near Palm Desert CA, Ojai CA, Milpitas CA (a car drove into the back of me), Monterrey CA, and Oakland CA.

Donna & I took a number of vacations on the motorcycle, including the states of CA, NV, AZ, NM, UT, CO, WY, OR, MT, and SD.  Note, we did not have any accidents out of CA (other than the first in Mexico).  We did have one very scary moment on Wolf Creek Pass in CO, where a tractor trailer passing a Fiat left us less than 2 feet of road, noting a 500 foot drop off the road, with no fence.  We could have touched the trailer when going by, but I was really concentrating my eyes on following the white line on the edge of the road (the wheels go where your eyes are focused).

The following are links to the wonderful summaries of the PJ-1000 rides.  PJ is Pete Naumchik, who I used to work with at Signetics.  Starting in 1981 through 2000 (minus a couple of years), I tagged along.  Pete did detailed planning of routes and meticulous execution of turns, gas points, and places to stay.  Donna noted that we often went through very scenic locations and asked what we saw; Pete's response was "1000 miles of asphalt".  The point was more to determine our limits than to view the scenery. The files are: My Last PJ-1000, Bio's of some riders, and descriptions by Pete of the many rides, Volume 1 and Volume 2.  Yes, I was really not that good at riding (very limited in fact), especially going fast around corners NOT!  but I enjoyed both the rides and the camaraderie.