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QuadD is our version of Shangri-lot (a combination of Shangri-La (from Hilton's Lost Horizons) and Camelot (T. H. White Arthurian legends);

Donna likes the movies, I like the books.

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  • I maintain the IBMPFD site for researchers, clinicians, and affected persons. I have this mutation.
  • Go to Google Earth or Google Maps and enter "Westside Road, Dyer, NV 89010" in the Search box to find us.
  • Dyer, in Fish Lake Valley, is where we live.
  • Fish Lake Valley is in Esmeralda County, one of the two or three least densely populated counties of the ~10,000 counties in the contiguous 48 states.

We live in the high desert in western central NV.  We have very low arid typically ~ 3 inches (7.5 cm) or less of moisture (rain + snow) per year. We can get cold in the winter (e.g., at or below 0 F, but not too hot in the summer, e.g., max temperatures ~ 90-95 F and heat index rarely above 90 F for a few days in July or August, given the typical relative humidity is usually < 10%..

Our current weather can be viewed at:: Accuweather.com


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